The PA Awards 2019 East Africa will recognize and reward outstanding talent, diligence and commitment of the administrative that leads their companies to optimal performance.
This award is exclusively for Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants in East Africa i.e Kenya Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi

Jacqueline Mwaura(KE)2

Jacqueline Mwaura

My role takes a diplomatic approach in transforming challenges into everyday opportunities, a Jack of all trades.
My intrinsic motivation is derived from the overall success of my Executive”.


Elizabeth Rebeccah Owano- Makari

“ I am a driven professional with vast expertise as an Executive Assistant providing overarching administrative support,currently working at the Nairobi Hospital. Not only supporting the senior management to achieve but also touching lives of patients who walk in our offices”.


Abigael chelimo sum(KE)

“Abigael is a go-getter who never shies away from a challenge.For her,being the CEO’s EA since 2017 has been an exhilarating one, especially on the backdrop of a career in journalism and PR.She is driven by her passion, enthusiasm and eagerness, her patience to deal with all the employees and stakeholders comes in handy”.

Joselyn Akoth Mercredi Omundo- Radak(KE)

Joselyn Akoth (KE)

I have overtime become someone my company can rely on, with no fears regarding my honesty or devotion to the tasks at hand, I have learnt to uphold my personal etiquette depending on the situations and events that I am involved in, Overtime I have developed diplomatic skills, in handling affairs without arousing hostility”.

Brenda Ninsiima(UG)

Brenda Ninsiima (UG)

“Being an EA over the years has transformed me into a great Manager of both people and time; It’s more than a job but rather a passion for me.
At the end of the day, a notch higher moved by the company makes me proud”.

Beatrice Lang'at(KE)

Beatrice-Langat (KE)

Beatrice is the most outstanding individual I have ever come across. She handles over 10,000 employees as the PA in charge of the Directors and she does it so well. In as much as her roles entails a lot, she still finds time to help employees with other welfare issues.
Her work is excellent with a superb attitude towards work and towards assisting others to thrive in their careers and lives. She is just an extra ordinary PA”.

Audrey Muttimos(KE)

Audrey-Muttimos (KE)

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Andrew Osundwa(KE)

Andrew Osundwa (KE)

Andrew works as a PA to the Principal Secretary in the State Department of Public Works, Kenya and the current Chairperson of the Kenya National Secretaries Association, a professional association for office administrators/secretaries industry in Kenya with a membership of over 6000.
I am an inspiration to people around “many of the newly employed staff are attracted to my way of doing things. I am a mentor and the kind of person who loves to bring out the good in others”. Everyone has potential within, and one has to stretch to achieve it. Passion turns dreams into reality”

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Rose A Osege

A professional experienced Office Administrator/Personal Assistant, working in the era of a demanding environment. <br>I am practice based driven in my duties than being desk like supportive of the traditional Personal Assistant, thus agile in my skills.
Passionate in societal activities where currently I promote/participate in the Market Women UN Group Association and hold certificate in recognition of having been an Executive Secretary of a Staff Council. I grow to polish my character and rapport. A good leader and social worker which anchors a driving force in my life”.

Juliet Ngatia(KE)

Juliet-Ngatia (KE)

Juliet prides with 5 years experience in customer service and 1year in the current role. She is an accountant by profession. Her personality is epic as she is very hardworking, loves challenges and she doesn’t bow to problems she tries her level best to resolve them. Her motto in life is to promote equality…..”treat people the way you would like treated”

Wendy Kinyeki (KE)

Wendy is a determined, hardworking and dedicated individual. With over 10 years experience in her field, she is a skilled multi-tasker and an expert communicator. Born and raised in Kenya and currently based in Senegal, Wendy has had the opportunity to work in the arenas of Sports and Education. For Wendy, with a career spanning 2 African regions and a working knowledge of 5 languages, being a PA is not just a job, it is a call to service.

pa nominee

Lightness Godwin (TZ)

I am extremely diligent and dedicated while performing PA duties with a smile. In my capacity as a PA, I’m nothing less than efficient, punctual, organized and attentive to details. My ability to learn quickly and achieve any goal provided to me has added tremendous value to the executive himself and the company on the whole.


Ruth A. Kijanjaji (TZ)